Evernote 6.0 for Android released with a new design

Evernote 6.0 for Android released with a new design

According to Evernote, its Android version is its fastest growing app. Now you can download Evernote 6.0, which has an all new design and some new features.

The biggest new feature is probably the new Note button. It’s a green plus symbol that floats on the screen like a Facebook Chat Head. When you tap it, the range of note options is revealed – text, camera, attachment, reminder, audio, or handwriting.

The other more notable feature is web clips. When you want to save a webpage in Evernote, select the Share option in your browser and choose Evernote.You can then tap the Elephant button to choose a notebook or add tags to your clipping. Evernote’s notebook sharing has been simplified, and its search function has been beefed up to make finding your notes easier.

Download Evernote for Android.

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