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Open With Firefox add-on 4.1.0

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  • Can control where Open With options appear
  • Manually add browsers


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Very good
If you spend enough time on the internet, you'll realize that sooner or later your default browser is not always the best for the job. There's no easy answer, though, because the browser that is the best for one job might not be the best for another. Prepare for these situations by having a selection of browsers installed, and a tool like Open With that will let you open a link - or a blank page - in any of them with just one click.

Being an add-on, Open With is light on resources and easy to use. It automatically detects the browsers you have installed and displays them in the context menu, tab menu, tab bar and under 'View'. When you want to open a link in any of the other browsers, you just highlight, right-click and choose 'Open With...'. It couldn't be simpler!

Open With has a few configuration options, but nothing too complicated. You can choose where the Open With options appear (just in the context menu, for example), or add a browser manually. It's is an excellent option if you have ever found yourself needing to open a link in a browser other than the one you normally use, and reduces three or more traditional steps to just one.

An essential add-on for users who spend a lot of time working online.

Open With


Open With Firefox add-on 4.1.0

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